July 2, 2022

2 thoughts on “It’s Not a Trap: The Case for Star Wars Battlefront

  1. I find the Forbes list interesting because the Witcher 3 got something like 166 GOTY nomination, trampling everything else. So I’ve got to agree with you. I’ve played Battlefront, and experimenting with different tactics can be exceptionally rewarding (shock blaster anybody?) Yes, it’s shallow, but it’s not like they were two faced about it. They didn’t advertise a campaign, or space battles, they didn’t turn around and go “Suddenly we’re taking away this,” they gave it the best they thought they could, and put it up for sale. And now we’re expecting it to line up with some idealistic vision we have. We’re getting mad at a dev for delivering what they said they’d deliver. It was being made by DICE, were people really expecting campaign? We should be grateful that they managed to capture the style so well. It’s not perfect, it’s not game of the year, but it doesn’t deserve all the hate

  2. Lets be honest, people where WAY TO HYPED for a Star Wars game, had expectations that were far in excess of what they should be, and EA/Dice just pumped out a standard Battlefield-Style game, using mechanics altered for use in the Star Wars universe, and it’s simply not what people expected/wanted.
    EA/Dice were given a lose-lose situation with the Star Wars licence, they make the game people wanted, they miss the release window of the first film and the hype that generated and spend far too much on it. They capitalise on the new film release window, and make a smaller game, people hate it.

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