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Rex Runs Again on!

This week I moved one of my most popular game projects to! itch has great support for browser games which makes it a perfect new home for Dino Dash: Rex’s Run.

I created this game as a solo entry for the Ludum Dare game jam (the 31st, specifically). The theme for the weekend was “Entire game on one screen.” This got me thinking about the old handheld LCD screens. I looked up some reference photos and videos of the classic games to get the creative juices flowing and the rest is history.

It’s a silly game and there isn’t much to it, but people seem to enjoy playing around with it, so enjoy!

Dino Dash: Rex’s Run at

If you’d like to try the game on your mobile device, you can do that here!

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By Todd Mitchell

Todd Mitchell is a US Midwest-based independent game developer and freelance writer. He's the author of Inside Video Game Creation, the founder of CodeWritePlay, and host of the GameDev Breakdown podcast. Follow him on Twitter @Mechatodzilla.

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