New Video: Overwatch – Junkrat on D

Overwatch-mania continues. The game is starting to take the OHC crowd by storm, so I finally have friends to play with–going too long without that achievement for playing ONE game as part of any group was just getting sad. 

I didn’t play frequently as Junkrat until this week. I connected with Zenyatta right away, gradually developed a feel for Reinhardt, and Pharah became a household favorite when my son became fascinated with her. But I’m trying to become proficient with just about everyone, so when I recently found a bunch of tanks crowding the payload at the end of Route 66, I took ol’ Junkie for a spin. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Here’s a competitive match I played while my son napped and I waited for @OHC_MrDay to spin up. This round was one life, complete shutdown. The opposing team only very briefly touched the payload at all.

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