The Old and New Testaments of Game Development

Update: We’ve had a slow start on giveaway entries, so we’re opening it up to everyone!

Man, we’ve had some great guests lately, and you won’t believe some of the folks we’re going to be talking to in the coming months! With all this action, it was nice to get back on Skype with John for a night, check in, talk a little news, and hang out. We’re also dialing in some new recording equipment in the studio, and although my mic was a little hot for this one, the overall show quality is moving steadily in a positive direction.

If you haven’t checked out the GDC State of the Game Industry survey results for the year, we’ve got you covered. It’s made up of some surprising insights, as well as others that were more interesting in their presentation. If you want to follow along as we discuss the report, you can register to download it for free at

I’m also telling the tale of the rarest, most mysterious piece of gaming memorabilia I’ve come across in my life. It was a blast getting to the bottom of this thing, and I think the story is pretty good. I’m including one of the official photos here, and you can expect a more in-depth write-up with photos of my scope here on the site soon.

Finally, we’re doing our first podcast giveaway, thanks to bestselling author, Morgan Ramsay! Morgan has very generously signed and mailed us a copy of his recent book, Online Game Pioneers at Work, and we’re passing it on to a listener! We’re not explicitly mentioning this on Twitter because we want a real show listener to get it! For a chance to win, simply retweet one of the tweets linking to this week’s show (It will either come from @CodeWritePlay or @Mechatodzilla), then reply to the original tweet telling us which founder you’re most excited to read about. Here’s a list of the great interviews in the book for your convenience!

Pioneers featured in Online Game Pioneers at Work:

  • David Perry, Gaikai
  • Doug Whatley, BreakAway Games
  • Victor Kislyi, Wargaming
  • Gaute Godager, Funcom
  • Jason Kapalka, PopCap Games
  • Ray Muzyka, BioWare
  • Raph Koster, Metaplace
  • Riccardo Zacconi, King
  • Emily Greer, Kongregate
  • Ian Bogost, Persuasive Games
  • Richard Garriott, Origin Systems
  • Ilkka Paananen, Supercell
  • John Romero, Id Software
  • Greg Zeschuk, BioWare
  • Reynir Harðarson, CCP Games
  • Neil Young, Ngmoco:)

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