#ScreenshotSaturday Fun: LowRez vibes and close-up archers

It’s that time again! Designers and developers around the globe are putting out their fine photos and GIFs for our enjoyment. Jam projects are nearing completion, demos are up for download, and someone is finally working on more sweet, sweet pro wrestling action. Let’s dig in.

Antipole DX boss fight

There’s a challenge to retro design that’s easy to overlook—it’s not always easy to pay tribute to decades past while simultaneously luring players to try something brand new on their modern hardware. Antipole DX by Saturnine Games looks like it may hit the sweet spot.

Store Galore on Pico-8

LowRezJam is apparently going on, so there’s a lot of simple charm in the feed this weekend. Store Galore makes the list for its impressive sense of busy-ness within the virtual console’s tight design limitations. When you have a play experience that looks this interesting, you’ve usually achieved a lot.

MechaKnights has mechs

MechaKnights has mechs in it. Welcome to the list of games I want to play.

This is an oversimplification, of course. It looks visually pleasing and even appears to take some enemy horde cues from Earth Defense Force. There’s no shortage of things to love here.

That jump though

Dungeons of Edera by Monster Tooth Studios: Come for the archin’, stay for the hang time.

Bows are still sticks

Imagine, two archery games in a row, each with its own unique take on rangers getting up in your grill. We’re here for it.

Elsie’s tasty platformer action

Knight Shift Games is working on something called Elsie and the more I watch the clip, the more details I find to love.


Retro 👏 golf 👏 made 👏 in 👏 Python.

A challenger appears

I’m working on a little disc golf game too. This one looks better.

Moar wrestling games please

I was scrolling through screenshots all day thinking, why don’t we have more wrestling games in progress? Then The Ultimate Warrior smiled down upon me.

Ships, space mans, let’s go

Some time I’ll write much too long an article about how much Solar Jetman means to me, so when a game captures that land ‘n explore vibe, it has my attention. This clearly has its own unique appeal, particularly its cool art style, but it sure made my inner 90s kid smile.

That wraps up another weekend! I discovered Grindstone today, and frankly, not playing it right now is making me itch. Congrats to you successful jammers; more screens next weekend!

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