Thimbleweed Park Developer, Terrible Toybox, May Be Ramping Up Development

Are you a versatile art director seeking remote employment with a legendary team? That’s nice. Good luck! Everyone else rejoice, the Thimbleweed Park team rides again!

The official Thimbleweed Park Twitter account posted this afternoon to invite the pixelly-gifted to apply for the role of Pixel Artist/Art Director on an “unannounced 2D pixel art adventure game,” as the job posting describes.

“We’re keen to hire diverse and interesting people,” read the tweet, “so please apply (even if you don’t meet every single one of our requirements).”

The Thimbleweed Park team has been relatively quiet since releasing Thimbleweed Park: Delores, a free prototype created using what the official Twitter account describes as “Ron Gilbert’s new adventure game engine.” So it comes as no surprise that the team will continue working in the pixel adventure subgenre, but it should please fans to know the team isn’t waiting to fill the ranks needed to take on whatever’s next.

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