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GameDev Breakdown Radio: Game Dev Talk and Licensed Music!

Going for a drive this weekend? Have some project work ahead of you? Tune in for premium background noise in the new GameDev Breakdown Radio show, exclusive to Spotify!

GameDev Breakdown Radio is an experimental new weekend podcast show featuring game dev talk, industry news, new releases, and more, including licensed music from Spotify!

Each week we’ll pick a game with great licensed music in its soundtrack and use it to liven things up!

In addition, Spotify’s show platform supports listener messages that we can put in the show! To leave us a clip, click here!

In this episode

  • Cyberpunk 2077 studio, CD Projekt Red delays the game again and developers start receiving threats via social media
  • The Last Ludum Dare game jam for 2020 has drawn to a close
  • New game releases!
  • Gaming books!
  • The music of Street Sk8er for Sony PlayStation, including tracks from Less Than Jake, H20, I Against I, and more!

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By Todd Mitchell

Todd Mitchell is an independent game developer and freelance journalist. He is the founder of CodeWritePlay where he produces and hosts the GameDev Breakdown and GameDev Breakdown Radio podcasts. Follow him @Mechatodzilla.

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