Let’s Make a Nintendo Game

In continuing our console development basics series, we look at what it takes to develop an indie game for Nintendo’s latest game console, the Switch. If you like more options, we’ll look at a way you can make a limited Switch game with no permission from Nintendo whatsoever. Finally, we’ll take a look at the most manageable option for going old school with your own NES project.


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Show Notes

  • Developing for Switchhttps://developer.nintendo.com
    • Main call to action is to register. Registration is free, but you’ll sign an NDA right away before gaining access to the dashboard, tools, or forums. This does not include a game pitch, similar to the ID@Xbox program.

      Nintendo requires info about your planned project and your development background before approving a game.
    • Listed Nintendo consoles
  • Alternatives
    • Games within a game
    • NESMaker – $36 homebrew engine. Allows you to make games you can play on an NES emulator, make cartridges with your game, or even dive into 6502 Assembly

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