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A Popular Game Development Math Book Is Now Free to Read

Want to brush up on the math concepts that will elevate your game development expertise? Never really learned them in the first place like me? If so, a popular learning resource just became totally free for the first time.

3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development (2nd Edition) by Fletcher Dunn and Ian Parbery was first published by CRC Press in 2011, but as Dunn points out, the technical concepts haven’t aged a day.

“The title of this book says it is for ‘game development,’ but a great deal of the material that we cover is applicable outside of video games,” says Dunn in the book’s introduction. “Practically anyone who wants to simulate, render, or understand a three-dimensional world will find this book useful.”

Dunn made the announcement in a post on the r/gamedev subreddit with a note sharing his hope that the moderators would allow the self-promotional post to remain, assuring them he earns no money from the book’s site.

Dunn’s concern is another indicator of just how strangely the gamedev subreddit operates. As “Asset Jesus” Kenney points out, self-promotion is generally banned, but most of the top posts are just that.

Interested readers can find the book’s full content at If you still prefer the physical book, it’s available at Amazon.

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By Todd Mitchell

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