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Adam Fligsten of Silen Audio

Adam Fligsten of Silen Audio calls in to discuss his process, his projects, and his path into music and audio composition for TV, film, and games. His credits include Marvel vs. Capcom, Saturday Night Live, NBC Olympics, and much, much more.

I think that people put these tools on a pedestal and they shouldn’t. It should be accessible to everybody…

– Adam Fligsten

Adam Fligsten has been composing music for decades. After working in the music industry in both New York and Los Angeles, he’s leveraging his incredible resume including tons of highly visible work in TV and film to get more heavily involved in video game sound design and composition.

While Adam is presently under a number of NDAs, his recent contribution to the Marvel vs. Capcom series suggests that, once again, he’s making a beeline for the coolest projects around. When the pandemic kept most of us in isolation, he turned to Twitch where he streamed the entire process of composing Ceres Station, a Super Metroid tribute album.

Make no mistake: Silen Audio would love nothing more than to provide music and audio services for just about any game in development, but Adam maintains a refreshing philosophy about approachability and fun when it comes to making music.

“You shouldn’t be afraid to mess up,” he says. “That’s what practicing an instrument is. You just keep doing it over and over again until it sounds good. If you’re trying to record something, you usually have enough time to get it right. I think that people put these tools on a pedestal and they shouldn’t. It should be accessible to everybody. Just pick it up, make some noise until it sounds the way you want it to sound, and that’s it. That’s making music.”

Silen Audio was founded in 2016 in Los Angeles, California, and provides both sound design and composition services for indie and AAA studios.

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