StoryBundle’s “Snowed In” Game Book Bundle Is Live

If you’re looking to stay warm with a great collection of books about games–including my book, Inside Video Game Creation–you can check out StoryBundle’s latest game book bundle today.

If you’re not familiar with StoryBundle, this is a pay-what-you-want platform for curated digital book bundles with optional bonus tiers and an opportunity to support a nonprofit organization. This game-themed bundle was curated by prolific industry writer (and upcoming FPS doc producer) David L. Craddock and supports Women in Games.

Here are the tiers and offerings:

  • Basic tier ($5 or more)
    • Smoke and Mirrors: The Rise and Fall of a Serial Antipreneur by Mike James
    • The Black Book of Animal Crossing New Horizons (Second Edition) by John Harris
    • Inside Video Game Creation by Todd Mitchell
  • Bonus tier ($15 or more)
    • The Unofficial Guide to Shin Megami Tensei and Persona by Kurt Kalata
    • We Love Atari Games: Part 1 by John Harris (StoryBundle Exclusive)
    • GameDev Stories: Volume 5 by David L. Craddock (StoryBundle Exclusive)
    • Monsters in the Dark: The Making of X-COM by David L. Craddock (StoryBundle Exclusive)
    • Boss Fight Books: Nightmare Mode by Gabe Durham and Michael P. Williams
    • Boss Fight Books: Silent Hill 2 by Mike Drucker

I don’t keep it a secret that the authors capturing gaming’s story and their books have always been hugely inspirational for me, especially while I was grinding away outside the gaming space. I mentioned several such authors in Inside Video Game Creation’s preface, including David L. Craddock. To join the ranks of the folks doing this important work, and even to enjoy their acceptance and support on many occasions has meant a ton.

StoryBundle promotions are limited-time offerings, so if the material here interests you, it’s wise not to wait. Check out for synopses, previews, and more.

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