The Modern Game Industry, Depicted In 18th Century Paintings

Thanks to heartwarming support for my very dumb tweet, it’s come to my attention that y’all appreciate the intersection of video games and fine art.

Today we’re going to lean into it with a look at all of Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo’s startling insights into the modern game industry. Let’s get to it!

Incredible. Tune in next time for a list of history books that inexplicably detailed major plot points in the Assassin’s Creed series.

Photo Sources: By all means, go appreciate fantastic works of art in their actual historical context.

  1. Madonna and Child with Three Saints
  2. The Minuet
  3. Chastity of Scipio
  4. The artist’s family, a rare portrait, unfinished
  5. Abendmahl
  6. Angels in the Sky
  7. Head of an Old Man

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