August 13, 2022

Start a blinds company and call it Third Eye Blinds.

Welcome, new listeners! This week, we checked in with the entertainment world, got a little bit serious about the appropriate space between our private and public lives, and managed to go viral in the silliest way possible.

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If you’re here because of the Salesforce Tower tweet, welcome, we will try to maintain the standard of silliness that brought you here. While I honestly knew nothing about Maison Deschamps, the self-declared “pro-life Spider-Man” when I crafted the tweet, I can assure you I wouldn’t have had anything more positive to say about him after learning he was espousing his views on protecting life by free-climbing 60 stories and endangering first responders and bystanders across a city block. Mix in that he climbed the Aria hotel in Vegas last year to protest Covid restrictions, and I might just be willing to speculate that Deschamps is a whole lot more interested in personal attention than the health and safety of anyone around him.

I went ahead and checked out the first two episodes of Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? because this is St. Louis and it’s not entirely up to me. During our chat we talked about a couple of the sights and sounds of home we noticed, as well as an unexpected moral takeaway from one of the episodes that kicked off a much more serious personal discussion than we would have guessed. Fine. I’ll keep watching.

Matt has the best work stories these days. I worry that they’re going to outgrow the podcast and require a TV series or a movie to do them justice. Actually, I hope that’s exactly what happens.

We spoke about the attack on Dave Chapelle during a stand-up show before some of the details emerged about his assailant. Some of those rumors appear to have turned out correct and then some. The alleged attacker, Isaiah Lee, has multiple music profiles on social media and, apparently, a 2020 song called Dave Chappelle that explicitly mentions “walking right into the bowl.”

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