People Have Actually Pulled off Grand Theft Auto 3’s Stolen Taxi Hustle

…and a couple have gotten away. It’s one of the first suggestions you hear when you break loose in Liberty City: “Find” a taxi and go earn some money. Carjack a cab stopped in traffic, and you can transport NPCs until you get bored, run out of time, or the car explodes from excessive damage. … Read more

Indie Publisher’s “send nudes” Gaffe Highlights an Issue for Studios and Content Creators

Indie publisher Flynn’s Arcade appears to be in full damage control mode after its PR contact wrote an email inviting press and influencers to—among other things—“send nudes” as a favor for Steam keys.

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I’m Hitting Pause on VR Coverage

For a couple of years now, I’ve had one foot in the door of the VR enthusiast community. It’s gradually dawned on me that this might not be the most responsible position at this point in time. Here’s why I’m making a change.

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Richard Butler of RAGE Works

Richard Butler, New York-based Editor-in-Chief of RAGE Works calls in to discuss the early days of podcasting, his journey through the geek culture world, and how none other than GaryVee nearly convinced him to give up on his dreams.

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Disasterpeace and Casey Lucas-Quaid of Dinosaur Polo Club

Co-host Matt Hill enters the chat! Community manager Casey Lucas-Quaid and famed composer Rich Vreeland (AKA “Disasterpeace”) of Dino Polo Club hang out to discuss their hit indie games, Mini Metro and Mini Motorways. We discuss the Apple Arcade program, keeping the indie spirit alive, navigating Steam Workshop, and more.

Read more CEO, Rosen Sharma

Former McAfee CTO Rosen Sharma–now CEO of BlueStacks,, and–discusses his transition into gaming and where software distribution in the industry may be headed, including his thoughts on a future beyond mobile app stores. It may come sooner than you think.

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Comedian Steven Morgan

Steven Morgan–accomplished Netherlands-based comedian, actor, musician, and writer–joins to discuss comedy in the pandemic times, embracing your introversion, navigating unexpected viral attention, and more.

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Weekly Round-Up: Godot Go Fast

Welcome creators! I want to say it right up front: this round-up is not usually going to be overwhelmingly focused on the Godot engine. Since I brought it up last weekend, however, the Little Open Source Engine Who Could (Maybe) surprised us all by jumping into the mainstream news. We’ll get into just what happened and what it might indicate for the near future. Also: developing for streamers, classic arcade talk, and more!

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Hacked: No Facebook, No Oculus Quest

Over half of the VR market is controlled by a social media platform with no clear process for human support. What happens when something goes wrong? In this episode, Todd goes over a hack on his Facebook profile that resulted in a bricked Quest headset and nowhere to turn. Here’s how it ended up.

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Games For Change President, Susanna Pollack

Susanna Pollack calls in as Games For Change kicks off its 18th annual festival exploring the impact of games on education, healthcare, research, civics, and social issues.

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