How Competitive Gaming Is Driving the Market

This post topic came from Patreon Writers’ Room patron Charlie Cox!  I was impressed that this issue came up in discussion in our Patreon community right before it hit the news once again. Many of us who’ve been around gaming long enough have had some brush with, or entertained the idea of competing at games. … Read more

Reach Out and Sue Someone

Since we left off, my house was on HGTV for whatever reason, I moved the site to a shiny new server, and I never ended up telling John I was going to go ahead and record this episode without him. Sorry John.

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It’s All Bad News

The sex abuse and harassment dialogue reaches one studio as another is cut down in its prime. Tension between PUBG and Fortnite’s developers nears fever pitch, and one of the industry’s living legends lets loose on anyone who will listen.

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