Red Panda Archaeology – Mechanics Week

On bringing magical new characters to life and making them get a job…

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Let’s Design a Game with Boss Fight Author Sebastian Deken

What secrets would an abandoned Animal Crossing village leave behind?

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Alarmed Player Calls Tech Support About Credits Lasting Longer Than 4 Hours

“It was fun for a while, but I’m starting to get dizzy.”

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Rock, Paper, FIFA

A pro FIFA player loses a qualifier over a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. EA’s response is…surprising…we discuss the takeaways for anyone developing a potential eSports game.

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Anger is Optional

Todd provides an update on the studio, the state of the podcast, and thoughts on managing gaming’s impact on our attitude.

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Nightfall Unlimited Appearance

Todd puts in an appearance on the Nightfall Unlimited test show with fan favorite Ray Marek, but not before an extended rant about positivity.

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New Release Roundup – 7/24/19

This week is all about variety across gaming platforms. Here are the bests and worsts we’ll be contributing to the Nightfall Unlimited Podcast test show tonight! Nintendo Switch Super Mario Maker 2 Super Mario Maker 2 can’t fail. It’s effectively a Mario game that will never stop changing and will have unlimited free content forever, … Read more

The Games That Drove Me to Make My Own

This post is based on a suggestion from our Patreon Writers’ Room by patron Charlie Cox. After the thousands of hours (and usually dollars) we’ve all invested in our game development pursuits, it helps to take opportunities to look back and reflect on (or resent) what we experienced much earlier in life that convinced us … Read more

Who is Video James?

It’s all about who you know, unless you’re not even the kind of guy who should be bothering that person.

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#GameDev Breakdown Video Show – Gaming’s Darkest Hour

A bizarre swatting incident in Wichita leaves a totally uninvolved man dead, the World Health Organization includes a gaming addiction disorder in its draft for the International Compendium of Diseases, and we follow up on a recommendation from last week’s show.

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