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Draw Distance Producer Kamil Krupiński

This show was a couple of firsts for the podcast: I think it was probably the first time we’ve had on an industry producer who wasn’t also responsible for several other jobs (at least no more than any producer is) and it was also the first guest we’ve had phone in from Poland–I trust you’ll excuse the occasional dip in audio quality.

If you haven’t tried Serial Cleaner, Draw Distance’s last big project under the name iFun4All (yes, we talk about it), you’re missing an entertaining stealth puzzle game with style to spare. If you picked it up recently in your Humble Monthly, take a few minutes to check it out before you jump into this episode, then you’ll also be caught up for when the new game, Ritual: Crown of Horns, hits Steam Early Access later this week. Once you’ve tried both, you’ll be struck by how this relatively small studio came up with two drastically different games and full-on nailed them both.

In addition to digging into the game projects, I picked Kamil’s brain about the life of a producer for a mid-size team, and it was no surprise that such great games are coming from a team that places such emphasis on quality, sound decision-making, and factoring the human element into management decisions. Pay close attention to the issues he points out in the industry and says the fixes are in the hands of people in his role. It seems clear that Draw Distance is a great place to work.

Thanks again to Kamil and the team for their time.

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Exclusive Footage of Ritual: Crown of Horns from the Creators of Serial Cleaner

We’re excited to chat with the Draw Distance development team (formerly iFun4All), developers of the super entertaining stealth puzzle game Serial Cleaner, for an upcoming episode of the #GameDev Breakdown Podcast! The team very kindly gave us an early build of their new game, Ritual: Crown of Horns and set us loose to record gameplay and show it off!

Ritual is absolutely a game to watch this year. You might think of it like a twin-stick shooter set in the Diablo universe, and the gameplay is about as satisfying as you could ask for. So far, the game is a series of timed protect-the-witch missions as hordes of demons close in on you. You have three weapons and a rotating set of special abilities at your disposal to level the playing field (so to speak) and the resulting action is undoubtedly going to draw in players far and wide.

Next week I’ll be speaking to the development team and an interview episode will go out a week later. Be sure you’re following the podcast so you don’t miss it!

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