Steve Ewing of The Urge: There’s a Lot of Talent in St. Louis

The legendary frontman of The Urge discusses his time on tour, the St. Louis music scene, and the rise of Steve’s Hot Dogs.

When I discovered The Urge in my younger years, it didn’t fully register with me that I was listening to a homegrown act that was crushing it on the international stage, and that’s a compliment. For all the groups that really grabbed me as a young musician in the late 90s–Incubus, Ben Folds Five, Rage, Bad Religion, and countless others–The Urge was heavy in the rotation for me, not because they were local but because they kicked ass. Now, as an adult who’s made the decision to plant roots and ride it out here, Steve Ewing’s story of continued success in St. Louis is important to me.

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