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Photos of Peter Moore and More

For a change of pace, we go back and follow up on a set of previous news stories to see where things ended up. Topics include LEGO and Unity, the Playdate, EA’s FIFA loot boxes, and Moore…

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State of the Pod 2021

We’ve endured the nightmares of 2020 and grabbed every small victory possible along the way. Time to regroup and look ahead.

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The Teams Behind Rank: Warmaster and Altercation

Following their exhibits at Virtual Indie Games Expo 2020, creators from Laser Beams & Particle Streams Software, Inc. share details on the upcoming 4X/RTS/Space flight sim, Rank: Warmaster and Ryan S. Peterson tells us about his upcoming platform brawler, Altercation.

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Let’s Make a PlayStation Game

We wrap up the console development series with a look at Sony PlayStation hardware, the development programs they run, interesting funding initiatives, and an unusual story about how Sony delisted a previous podcast guest.

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Jason Lee of Pixelmatic

Pixelmatic Chief Creative Officer, Jason Lee, calls in to discuss his design contributions to legendary RTS series (Age of Empires, Company of Heroes, and Warhammer 40,000), Pixelmatic’s upcoming space strategy game (Infinite Fleet), and the challenges of implementing actual cryptocurrencies both for in-game trade and to raise funds for the game’s development.

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Games as a Service

By community request, we take a look at the games as a service model, its performance in the game industry, and its impact on traditional revenue models in games.

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Kitbash3D Wants to Reach Unity and Unreal Devs, Starting With These Free Assets

KitBash3D specializes in high-end art assets suitable for TV, film, and triple-A games; a look at its website names Disney, Marvel, and Fox among its high-profile customers as well as top studios including Ubisoft, EA, and 2K. Today, the company announced steps toward reaching the rest of the game development community, including its “game engine ready” release, promising seamless compatibility with Unity and Unreal Engine.

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Are NDAs Ever Really Enforced?

We all hear about the importance of non-disclosure agreements, particularly in the game industry. Should we take them seriously? Is anyone ever truly held accountable for breaking one? We explore the topic on this episode of GameDev Breakdown.

Big thanks to Christer “McFunkypants” Kaitila for the thought-provoking topic.

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How Players Learn and How to Teach Them

It’s time for a mini-show full of things to know! I’ve sort of been bouncing catchphrases like that in my head for the better part of a day, and I’ve determined there are no good ones–but that may be the fever talking. I was in the throes of a full Man Cold for this episode, but I landed on a topic I liked a few days ago and I decided not to rest until I could be sure the show went out on time. 

Teaching players how to play your game is one of the most crucial challenges you face as a designer, and while it may not get fully overlooked (you DO know you have to do it), it does not always get the care that it deserves, and this will absolutely cost you players. In hopes of offering up some solutions and solid guidelines for your planning pleasure, I set out to look at the actual processes of teaching and learning, to see how I might apply it to our jobs as developers and designers.

It was during this time that I stumbled across the writing of Scott H. Young for the first time. Scott has devoted his life and his writing to some fascinating pursuits, including his “MIT Challenge,” in which he completed the institute’s full Computer Science program in less than one year, all through self-guided study. When I went through his Step-by-Step Process to Teach Yourself Anything (in a Fraction of the Time), I was immediately able to recognize tangible ways that these methods applied to teaching players the skills they need to be successful playing your game. This episode contains my findings. 

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The Predator’s Code

John Schiber returns for Season 2! For once, we’re each playing a new release: John has jumped on his horse and has high praise for Red Dead Redemption 2, I’ve scratched my Call of Duty itch and downloaded Black Ops 4. For the first time in the history of the show, we’ve both played (and enjoyed) a battle royal game. 

This show was recorded Monday night, so we were still getting bits and pieces about the Diablo Immortal story. It hasn’t changed much since that time, but Blizzard has denied that they planned to announce Diablo 4 instead of a mobile title. 

As weird as the Red Dead Redemption 2 controversy is, we still wanted to dig in and find a worthwhile way to discuss it. We’ll leave it for you to decide how we did.

We love your comments and reviews; we’re so glad you’re playing along for another season. 

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