An Evening at Sandbox VR

I was invited to suit up head-to-toe in the latest VR gear and blast zombies with friends. Here’s how it went.

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One Game Developer’s Quest for Autism Awareness and Acceptance

I sat down remotely with Thomas Kildren of Fletcher Studios to discuss his popular upcoming VR project, his challenges as a developer and stay-at-home parent, shifting opinions in the community, and more.

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I’m Hitting Pause on VR Coverage

For a couple of years now, I’ve had one foot in the door of the VR enthusiast community. It’s gradually dawned on me that this might not be the most responsible position at this point in time. Here’s why I’m making a change.

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Hacked: No Facebook, No Oculus Quest

Over half of the VR market is controlled by a social media platform with no clear process for human support. What happens when something goes wrong? In this episode, Todd goes over a hack on his Facebook profile that resulted in a bricked Quest headset and nowhere to turn. Here’s how it ended up.

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A Facebook hacker beat my 2FA, bricked my Oculus Quest, and hit the company credit card

If you haven’t been following the action on Twitter, you may or may not have noticed I vanished from Facebook and Instagram. That was just the beginning. In this post I’ll run you through the timeline, share what I’ve pieced together, and post updates as they unfold. Let me encourage you to follow @CodeWritePlay or @Mechatodzilla on Twitter where I’ll alert you when those updates occur.

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AEXLAB CEO Jonathan Ovadia

Jonathan Ovadia of AEXLAB calls in to discuss the progress and the story behind the studio’s upcoming virtual reality multiplayer competitive shooter, VAIL. He shares insight into a relatively new funding model for games, his team’s vision for a connected, persistent VR experience, and more.

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Topgolf with Pro Putt Creator, Ryan Engle

In this episode of the GameDev Breakdown podcast, Ryan Engle calls in to explain how he started as a soloist with an augmented reality putting prototype and wound up leading a team through the development of the definitive virtual reality Topgolf experience.

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XR Developer, Aaron Clifford

Some devs have all the fun.

Aaron Clifford is the head AR/VR developer for KOVR, a new VR division of video production company, KO Group. He’s a FLASH game dev from back in the day–all of us cool kids were–and managed to leverage his experience into cool projects like the Dragon Age: Inquisition web-based party builder that launched along with the proper game.

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Getting Started With Oculus Quest Development

This time, courtesy of our great supporters at Patreon, we’re talking about getting up and going with development for the Oculus Quest. It’s worth mentioning that Quest development is reasonably flexible with multiple viable paths to follow, so I’ll specify here that I’ll be demonstrating with Unity and Oculus’ own VR kit available for free … Read more