XR Developer, Aaron Clifford

Some devs have all the fun.

Aaron Clifford is the head AR/VR developer for KOVR, a new VR division of video production company, KO Group. He’s a FLASH game dev from back in the day–all of us cool kids were–and managed to leverage his experience into cool projects like the Dragon Age: Inquisition web-based party builder that launched along with the proper game.

More recently, Aaron tackles cool client projects, pitches awesome game concepts to Oculus, creates official Snapchat Lenses, guides users as a Unity Live Help Expert, and more. We could have filled much more than an hour with his stories and expertise, but if it needs to be said, he’s very busy.

This is a must-listen for anyone curious about the state of Oculus Quest Store submissions and what to expect before you get serious about developing for the headset.

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