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Trying to leverage LinkedIn and participating in a discussion about parenting, revenue models, and publisher trust may have recently landed me deeper in enemy territory than I intended to go. Get the full story, hear a good rule of thumb for dealing with publishers, and learn a two-word phrase that lets you know to stop listening to anyone immediately.

Show notes

Highs and lows in leveraging LinkedIn

  • GaryVee swears by it, but he’s popular everywhere
  • GameDev tags are relatively quiet and full of self-promotion
  • Too many dreamers looking for free labor
  • Engagement/conversion is awful
  • There are decent tips on using it professionally here

Article: The £900 bill from my child’s Roblox gaming

Discussion from LinkedIn

  • Claim: Game designers are seeking insane profits by exploiting players
  • Over 70% of all games revenue comes from IAP (unverified)
  • AI models developed by Ivy League PhDs are preying on you and your children to carefully extract money in-game
  • The industry should ask itself not how to improve models, but whether it should be doing this
  • The industry needs to “self-regulate” in the manner we saw in the 90s and the formation of the ESRB

In this episode

  • More to consider on the claims and ideas above
  • What parents say to manipulate you
  • Why key executives in games are helping the media create the screen time boogeyman
  • How parents and consumers should look at any publisher
  • Parental responsibility pertaining to software

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