Banks Boutté and Maxx Burman of KitBash3D

KitBash3D has developed a reputation for world-class 3D assets used by some of the biggest studio and artist names in TV, Film, and triple-A games. Today, the company announced efforts to reach the rest of the game development space.

In this episode of GameDev Breakdown, co-founders Banks and Maxx call in to discuss today’s release of a variety of “game engine ready” asset libraries intended to make development life easier while increasing visual quality in 3D games. If you move quickly, you can download one of their asset kits for free to see if it fits your workflow.

Topics include:

  • The challenges of repurposing asset libraries for in-engine use
  • The increasing value of world-building skills to emerging tech
  • The KitBash3D community, including its famed livestreams
  • Building creative muscles by using new approaches to creation

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