Hollywood Publicist Dan Harary Calls In

Dan Harary, founder of the Asbury PR agency, calls in to discuss his new book, Flirting with Fame, his experiences working and networking with practically everyone in Hollywood, and his no-nonsense approach to generating buzz. Listen in for old-school know-how and insight into the mindset of a PR pro who’s seen it all. 

The list of celebrities Dan has worked and interacted with in his long career could nearly serve as the official Hollywood roster. Since his humble beginnings in New Jersey, Dan credits a seemingly karmic force with putting him in the right place at the right time to cross paths with many of the most famous people on Earth. Not one to let an opportunity go to waste, Dan capitalized on the trend, founding the Asbury PR Agency and putting his dogged persistence to work for big-name talents in entertainment.

During our discussion, we spoke about Dan’s new book, Flirting with Fame: A Hollywood Publicist Recalls 50 Years of Celebrity Close Encounters, the changes in technology and PR he’s navigated so far, and the mindset required to get the word out amidst unlimited competing voices.

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