Jordan Mauriello of MoreYellow

MoreYellow CEO, Jordan Mauriello, joins to discuss corporate and personal brand management, what it takes to turn heads at game launch time, and what generating buzz may look like with the game industry’s next set of big changes. 

MoreYellow strives to stay at the forefront of brand expertise–not just for its major corporate partners, but also for the influencers and talent they manage in-house. To do this, his team has to deeply understand the art and science of “buzz,” what works now, and what’s likely to work in the near future.

When Ubisoft wanted to charge ahead with the release of Rider’s Republic in an early post-pandemic world, Jordan’s crew not only organized a global relay race featuring top extreme sports stars to promote the launch, but they also designed it with social distancing in mind to keep everyone safe while moving business forward.

During our chat, Jordan discusses what it was like to transition from a strict brand collaboration focus to a larger strategy that includes talent management, how his team is looking ahead to the (eventual) metaverse age, and how small creators can think about driving their brands forward as they grow.

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