Ash Lyons of Gearbox

Fresh off of his contributions to Borderlands 3, Gearbox senior VFX artist Ash Lyons calls in to talk about the post-release mood, parenting in the triple-A development space, and his long road to Borderlands.

I first connected with Ash over Twitter around the time I put out my interview with Joshua Davidson and we got along immediately–he’s a parent of young kids, he has a passion for connecting with newer devs and creators, and he is hilarious. I’m not saying I’m all those things, but he is. We wanted to do a recording pretty much right away, but decided to wait until Borderlands 3 hit shelves. After launch, and with Gearbox’s blessing (thanks again) it was game on.

In addition to career and background stories, Ash shared some favorite games, contributions he’s most proud of in Borderlands 3, and even filled me in on the inspiration for some of the game’s messier moments. Don’t miss it.

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