Developers: Please Enjoy These Free Loading Screen Messages for Your Next Game or WIP

Loading is inevitable in modern games. What started as simple notices that the game wasn’t broken has spiraled in all directions including (admittedly cool) looping animations, play tips, and eyeroll-worthy notices about “charging the hyperdrives” and “injecting extra FUN.” While this feature is almost inherently an afterthought, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to say the wrong loading message will almost certainly cause your game to flop and destroy your career.

But there’s good news! We’ve put together this list of free loading messages you can borrow to earn laughs and love from players. Enjoy!

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News, State of the Pod, and Philip Molodkovets of Wargaming

Welcome back! Here are some updates–including the scoop on Inside Video Game Creation in the latest deal at StoryBundle–a word on the state of the podcast, and an exclusive interview with Philip Molodkovets, Wargaming’s executive producer on World of Warships.

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Triple-A Environment Artist James Brady

Ireland-based freelance artist James Brady calls in to discuss his meteoric rise in the game industry, including contributions to major triple-A titles such as Halo Infinite, Red Dead Redemption 2, Rogue Company, Hitman 2, PUBG, Dying Light 2, and more.

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People Have Actually Pulled off Grand Theft Auto 3’s Stolen Taxi Hustle

…and a couple have gotten away. It’s one of the first suggestions you hear when you break loose in Liberty City: “Find” a taxi and go earn some money. Carjack a cab stopped in traffic, and you can transport NPCs until you get bored, run out of time, or the car explodes from excessive damage. … Read more

Indie Publisher’s “send nudes” Gaffe Highlights an Issue for Studios and Content Creators

Indie publisher Flynn’s Arcade appears to be in full damage control mode after its PR contact wrote an email inviting press and influencers to—among other things—“send nudes” as a favor for Steam keys.

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Our Extended Chat with Bestselling Halo, Star Wars, and Dungeons & Dragons Author Troy Denning

Following the release of his latest novel, Halo: Divine Wind, we grabbed an hour of Troy Denning’s time to talk about Halo, contributing to other legendary series including Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons, collaborating with 343 Industries, how tie-ins differ from other writing projects, his philosophy on productivity, and much more.

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Star Citizen’s Senior Lead Gameplay Engineer Goes Indie – Chad and Curtis McKinney of Bit Rot

Chad and Curtis McKinney, Ph. D. (yes, both) call in to discuss Chad’s experience with Cloud Imperium working on Star Citizen and their collaborative indie efforts on Recursive Ruin, a “kaleidoscopic first-person narrative puzzle game” not quite like anything else you’ve likely seen.

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Exclusive Release Day Interview with Halo: Divine Wind Author, Troy Denning

Prolific bestselling author Troy Denning calls in on release day for Halo: Divine Wind. We discuss the book’s place in the Halo universe, his experiences collaborating with 343 Industries, and the sentimental inspiration for his first Halo story.

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Mat Bradley-Tschirgi Returns Again

Industry author, journalist, and developer Mat Bradley-Tschirgi returns to discuss his indie game collaboration with notorious filmmaker Uwe Boll, his interview with legendary Sierra Online founder Ken Williams, getting his first article on Polygon, and more.

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