Alex Rushdy Didn’t Technically Choose a Career in Games, but He’s Having a Great One Anyway

The CEO and creative director behind Runbow and Dawn of the Monsters discusses the recent discomfort of running a Unity team, his Godzilla ’98 VHS collection, and more.

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GameDev Breakdown: Developer and Streamer Chris Gardner

The freestyle coder himself drops in to discuss the ups and downs of live coding, presenting at and organizing conferences, navigating the world of non-game commercial software development, and more. We also discuss what we’re playing now and what games we’re looking forward to getting our hands on.

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News, State of the Pod, and Philip Molodkovets of Wargaming

Welcome back! Here are some updates–including the scoop on Inside Video Game Creation in the latest deal at StoryBundle–a word on the state of the podcast, and an exclusive interview with Philip Molodkovets, Wargaming’s executive producer on World of Warships.

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People Have Actually Pulled off Grand Theft Auto 3’s Stolen Taxi Hustle

…and a couple have gotten away. It’s one of the first suggestions you hear when you break loose in Liberty City: “Find” a taxi and go earn some money. Carjack a cab stopped in traffic, and you can transport NPCs until you get bored, run out of time, or the car explodes from excessive damage. … Read more