Developers: Please Enjoy These Free Loading Screen Messages for Your Next Game or WIP

Loading is inevitable in modern games. What started as simple notices that the game wasn’t broken has spiraled in all directions including (admittedly cool) looping animations, play tips, and eyeroll-worthy notices about “charging the hyperdrives” and “injecting extra FUN.” While this feature is almost inherently an afterthought, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to say the wrong loading message will almost certainly cause your game to flop and destroy your career.

But there’s good news! We’ve put together this list of free loading messages you can borrow to earn laughs and love from players. Enjoy!

Press X to continue. Just kidding, we’re not ready.

It’s the audio files that really start to add up.

Skipping exclusive Blockbuster pre-order level…

Twitch viewers: The player switched to Easy during the ad break.

This next level goes out to all the Jeremys.

It’s dangerous to go alone. We’re looking for a memory leak in the solo campaign.

Ever seen a loading screen with a jump scare?

If you lived on this next map, you’d almost be home.

You can see through the other side of the terrain. It’s freaky!

Roses are red, violets are pretty. Everything’s loaded, press start when you’re ready.

Please wait, currently loading our platinum backers.

The bosses are just doing their jobs.

Loading complete. Press X to say “thank you.”

Sorry about that last level.

Roses are red, violets are blue. Something went wrong: error 3502

Some pretty good games didn’t need loading screens at all.

We didn’t complain when your brain was loading your username and password.

The beta testers preferred this next map in reverse, so, here goes…

Some of the potions have been sitting out in the sun…it’s your call.

We don’t know what the error codes mean either.

When does the loading screen load?

The NPCs are going over their lines.

This level is brought to you in part by

Sorry, you’re actually about a minute early…

Tell your little brother how to do the special moves, he just wants to have fun with you.

Roses are red and smell good in your nose. The application has encountered an error and needs to close.

Using one of these? Want to suggest more as a service to your fellow developers? Let ’em rip!

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