PO Boxes Are Not Cool or Fun

Todd heads to the post office to record the pre-Christmas mailbag episode. Chaos ensues.

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Are NDAs Ever Really Enforced?

We all hear about the importance of non-disclosure agreements, particularly in the game industry. Should we take them seriously? Is anyone ever truly held accountable for breaking one? We explore the topic on this episode of GameDev Breakdown.

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Don’t Hold Yourself Back

A developer asks the community: How do you maintain the motivation to finish projects? It’s a simple question, but what lies beneath the surface?

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A Tale of Tutorials

Welcome back! This time on GameDev Breakdown we’re discussing the finer points of tutorials in games, and yes, whether or not they even have a rightful place in them. That idea may surprise you, unless you spend any time talking about development on Twitter where it’s become oddly commonplace.

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Yes, Coding Is Hard

A viral tweet suggests coding isn’t hard, developers are just gatekeeping. Yikes.

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Vintage Dev: Inside the Homebrew Game Development Community

This post was originally published at Zam.com in 2016. As products of the computer hardware industry, video game consoles inherit a finite life span ending in certain obsolescence. Since 1972, about 150 home gaming systems have been released in the United States alone, nearly all of which have been commercially retired. Sadly, player loyalty often … Read more

Creating a Prototype

This time on GameDev Breakdown, as promised, Todd runs through his prototyping process, start to finish.

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Treat Your Business Like a Business

Are “small content creator” support communities really something we should want?

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Indie Developers Are Screwed

Twitter reacts to a doomsday proclamation about indie development, but there are a few problems with the message.

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The Increasingly Complex World of Cheating in Video Games

This article was originally published at the now-defunct Zam. Cheating is as old as gaming, but it still presents brand new problems. Gone are the days of simple cheat codes in secluded sessions between player and machine. In their place, a booming new business thrives. Companies battle in court for the right to offer cheat … Read more