AEXLAB CEO Jonathan Ovadia

Jonathan Ovadia of AEXLAB calls in to discuss the progress and the story behind the studio’s upcoming virtual reality multiplayer competitive shooter, VAIL. He shares insight into a relatively new funding model for games, his team’s vision for a connected, persistent VR experience, and more.

AEXLAB aims to bring competitive multiplayer tactical gunplay to VR

Jonathan Ovadia has been playing video games all of his life. What started as a love of Pokémon and other classic video games has resulted in his co-founding and leading AEXLAB, a virtual reality technologies and game studio. AEXLAB is currently aiming to bring the quality and polish of shooters like Halo, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike to VR to create a truly immersive competitive multiplayer experience, and he wants to work with other gamers to do it.

The team funded VAIL VR out-of-pocket for years before seeking external funding and, eventually, allowing members of the game’s community to become direct investors in the game. Since that time, AEXLAB has successfully raised a million dollars in funding toward the game’s continued development.

“We’re definitely not start-up guys,” Ovadia says of his team. While he has an aggressive vision for the future of VAIL and AEXLAB, he says he prefers very slow and deliberate growth and that he doesn’t care how long the game has to stay in development before it’s ready.

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