Our Extended Chat with Bestselling Halo, Star Wars, and Dungeons & Dragons Author Troy Denning

Following the release of his latest novel, Halo: Divine Wind, we grabbed an hour of Troy Denning’s time to talk about Halo, contributing to other legendary series including Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons, collaborating with 343 Industries, how tie-ins differ from other writing projects, his philosophy on productivity, and much more.

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It’s Not a Trap: The Case for Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront

It probably isn’t news to you that players have been very hard on Star Wars Battlefront. While Metacritic awards the PC version a 71/100 based on average reviews from 17 top critics, site users have slapped it with a 3.4/10 (!), citing a variety of complaints including an unfair DLC model, no space battles, and the lack of … Read more