Min-Maxing Your Audio Production with John Schiber

At last, more than a year after adding him to the show, I sit down with John Schiber to ask him some questions relevant to his expertise: being a life-long musician and internationally-signed recording artist. John’s experience producing music with his band, A Dark Orbit, and his personal studies of theory, engineering, and instrumental techniques have left him with skills you’d normally need a room full of people to tell you about. The fact that I hadn’t properly grilled him for your benefit before now is a disappointment to us all. 

It’s hard to just “dive in” to audio production for an hour and come away with all you need to know for your game development endeavors, so we’re counting on you to come to us with good questions for John to answer, either on the show or around social media. He’s on the podcast all the time, but this appearance was especially important to him and he made clear several times he didn’t want to leave anyone hanging. Tap into his knowledge! 

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