Composer Stephen Tanksley

Previously on the podcast we’ve had opportunities to hear from highly specialized sound designers, musicians, and recording engineers, but we’ve had somewhat limited time to really dig into composition, and that happens to be one of Stephen Tanksley’s areas of expertise. Stephen is a Chicago-area composer for both games and film. He has a wealth of formal music and audio training to talk about, he works on awesome projects as a freelancer (including original music for streamers and a Star Wars feature-length fan film), and he has a personal project to discuss that you’re going to want access to the moment it’s complete.

In addition to shop talk, it was interesting to discuss issues surrounding professionalism and communication in our different focus areas and the value of participating in mentorship, both as a mentor and mentee within your community. It’s always a pleasure to discuss continuous improvement with industry pros interested in making their field a better place.

Go check out Stephen’s work and drop him an encouraging word!

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