#ScreenshotSaturday Fun: Robots, Malls, and Bed-browsing

If you don’t know about #ScreenshotSaturday on Twitter (and elsewhere), it’s when game developers in every conceivable project phase grab a screenshot, record a video, or create a GIF of what they’re working on, so they can show it around and enjoy a few moments of recognition and valuable feedback as they gather the courage to face another week.

Unfortunately, like any Twitter trend, it sometimes feels like you’re casting your content out into the ocean, never to be seen or heard about again.

In an effort to encourage and entertain, here are some of this weekend’s contributions that impressed, entertained, or otherwise grabbed us, with an emphasis on those that aren’t getting nearly enough attention:

Courage Island’s old oak forest

Courage Island‘s Twitter account is only about a month old and is currently sitting under a dozen followers. If this inviting setting is an indication of things to come, it’s definitely worth watching.

Something involving checking your phone in bed

@TheCalunio‘s bio says “I make strange games.” I think I’m ready to try my luck.

Seriously, I think about making a game in which the player uses various operating systems or devices from real life to achieve whatever goal at least once a week.

CyberThreat’s Edendale Mall

Speaking of projects I think about doing almost daily: malls and large retail stores I’ve worked in. It’s a ton of effort, and I’d need to be convinced I could make compelling content that wasn’t so tailored to myself alone that no one else could enjoy it.

I don’t know how prominently this mall features in CyberThreat, but I love what’s happening here.

Wave Break by Funktronic Labs

If this is on Google Stadia, consider this my first interest in Google Stadia.

Papers, Please

I watched this three times hoping the character would start throwing newspapers. I don’t know what I thought was going to change after the first time, I could just really go for a new Paperboy-like.

A mysterious dungeon by Vixa Games

What the Smash-TV-Roguelike is going on here? I hope I find out.


Wall-E meets Wii Sports meets Base Wars is coming, and I’m here for it.

That’s it from us, players. What screenshots caught your eye this weekend?

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