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Video Game Patents: Good or Evil?

A new patent granted to Warner Bros. has many asking why patents are issued in the game industry at all. We’ll look at the Nemesis system controversy, the potential value of patents in games, and how to sidestep patent trouble in your own endeavors.

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Show Notes

To learn about the WB Games nemesis system patent, check out Jon Ryan’s write-up for IGN, WB Games’ Nemesis System Patent Was Approved This Week After Multiple Attempt

You can find a deep-dive into Bethesda’s lawsuit against Warner Bros. over similarities between Fallout Shelter and Westworld here at CodeWritePlay.

Julia Alexander covered the Bethesda/Warner Bros. settlement in an article titled Warner Bros., Bethesda settle lawsuit over Westworld mobile game for The Verge. has a long history of commenting and reporting on IP law news in the game industry, including Sega v. Fox Interactive for the obvious similarities between The Simpsons: Road Rage and Crazy Taxi.

Ben Judge presents details on the first video game patent (ever) for MoneyWeek.

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