Reach Out and Sue Someone

Since we left off, my house was on HGTV for whatever reason, I moved the site to a shiny new server, and I never ended up telling John I was going to go ahead and record this episode without him. Sorry John.

John will be fine. If you want to worry about someone, worry about Warner Bros. and Behaviour Interactive in Bethesda’s VATS-assisted crosshairs. This copyright lawsuit is going to get uglier before it gets pretty.

The PUBG/Fortnite suit, on the other hand, will go no further. We called it, and we’ll recap why.

There’s a more interesting discussion to be had, I think, about Active Shooter–later renamed Standoff, I guess–being pulled from Steam and banished from PayPal of all things. I won’t rehash the entire discussion, but I think there’s plenty for indies to examine here. Can we effectively police ourselves? Should it be left to us? How can we keep the ball in our own court while continuing to create our way? The key, surely, is balance.

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