The Path of Motus Creator Michael Hicks

Michael Hicks has released more creative projects since his late teens than some folks get to throughout an entire career. His top two game releases, Pillar and The Path of Motus, have been downloaded half a million times across a wide variety of platforms. When Polygon investigated Valve’s shortcomings in supporting Steam developers, Michael’s sharp criticism for Valve’s practices took center stage in the debate.

We discuss how I first crossed paths with Michael in this week’s episode, but we’ve been friendly for several years. He’s become a prominent indie voice here in the Midwest, and it’s been a pleasure to discuss industry happenings with him and follow his career throughout that time. Not only has he developed keen insight into independent console development and learned how to navigate the PC space, but he’s also dabbled in sharing his experience with others in the form of his own development-focused YouTube channel.

Michael’s one of the nicest guy’s in the game right now and this was a fun episode to put together, his time is greatly appreciated.

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