Blake J. Harris, Author of Console Wars and The History of the Future

To help us close out Season 2, Blake J. Harris makes a surprise appearance to reflect on his early life and career, the success of Console Wars and the upcoming television adaptation from Legendary Entertainment with producers Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg. We also discuss his new book, The History of the Future: Oculus, Facebook and the Revolution that swept Virtual Reality published by HarperCollins in February. By necessity, this leads to a discussion of Palmer Luckey and the political whirlwind surrounding his departure from Oculus in early 2017. Finally, Blake teases what’s coming up next in his incredible writing career.

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Rob Hewson of Huey Games

Thanks to some gracious networking help from Patreon supporter Mark Feller and Indie Gamer Chick, this time we’re hearing from LEGO games veteran and current Huey Games CEO/Creative Director Rob Hewson! As has become a beautiful show tradition, we open up by discussing what everyday game development is like in the guest’s part of the world. Rob’s team has won a grant from the UK Games Fund which is helping his team carry on the family business–his father and co-founder is UK game industry legend Andrew Hewson, whose game products in the 80s and early 90s are the inspiration for some of the very games they’re publishing today.

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Kamil Krupiński on Game Industry Production Work and Community Management

“A lot of problems that you can have in organizations that have 120 people can also be found in organizations that have like 12, so you manage at a smaller scale, but those problems tend to be the same.”

Kamil Krupiński gained a following as a games journalist and editor before moving into the development space. He worked in narrative and quest design on the Dying Light series alongside noteworthy designer Chris Avellone at Techland before moving into a producer role at Draw Distance. He is now a game director and producer for Awaken Realms.

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Draw Distance Producer Kamil Krupiński

This show was a couple of firsts for the podcast: I think it was probably the first time we’ve had on an industry producer who wasn’t also responsible for several other jobs (at least no more than any producer is) and it was also the first guest we’ve had phone in from Poland–I trust you’ll excuse the occasional dip in audio quality.

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Exclusive Footage of Ritual: Crown of Horns from the Creators of Serial Cleaner

We’re excited to chat with the Draw Distance development team (formerly iFun4All), developers of the super entertaining stealth puzzle game Serial Cleaner, for an upcoming episode of the #GameDev Breakdown Podcast! The team very kindly gave us an early build of their new game, Ritual: Crown of Horns and set us loose to record gameplay … Read more

The Many Issues With Senator Josh Hawley’s Call for New Video Game Legislation

Todd Mitchell is an independent journalist, game developer, studio founder, and coincidentally, an independent voter in Hawley’s state of Missouri. When Hawaii Representative Chris Lee (D) set out to have loot boxes regulated like gambling in his state, we didn’t need much time to point out a few seemingly disingenuous aspects to his aggressive stance … Read more

Composer Stephen Tanksley

Previously on the podcast we’ve had opportunities to hear from highly specialized sound designers, musicians, and recording engineers, but we’ve had somewhat limited time to really dig into composition, and that happens to be one of Stephen Tanksley’s areas of expertise. Stephen is a Chicago-area composer for both games and film. He has a wealth of formal music and audio training to talk about, he works on awesome projects as a freelancer (including original music for streamers and a Star Wars feature-length fan film), and he has a personal project to discuss that you’re going to want access to the moment it’s complete.

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This Is How Fast Bad Journalism Creates Problems in the Game Industry

If you recently heard something like “Borderlands 3 Will Feature 25 Times as Many Guns as Borderlands 2,” you’re a victim of bad game journalism, and you deserve to know what’s actually going on. Those of you who follow the site, the GameDev Breakdown podcast, or our community over at Patreon know that we recently … Read more