Have You Met My Friend Ted?

Our friend Ted drops by to talk about the history of martinis, what to look for at a Porta Potty in the woods, and the best way to combine Peeps, cola, and obstacle courses. We discuss game development here and there where it comes up.

You have to meet Ted to understand him. He’s the kind of teammate who divides his time between yelling at the other team, yelling at you, and then yelling at himself. In a fun way. Ted contributes to the OHCPlay channel on YouTube which we’ve discussed before, but also has a personal account, TrojanManSCP, full of just as many assorted gems as you might suspect from our chat in this episode. He’s an authority on all matters Overwatch and he can drill down pretty deep into anything that has his attention.

Anyway, here’s Ted taking the bug salt shotgun to the face:

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