Joshua Johnson of TREE Industries

TREE Industries CTO, Joshua Johnson, gives an inside look at one of the disc golf community’s most anticipated titles, Ultimate Disc Golf. We talk indie development business, the challenges of using all-purpose physics engines for very specific applications, and more.


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Ultimate Disc Golf is an upcoming disc golf game from TREE Industries. The game has been profiled on the UDisc blog and elsewhere around the sport’s community and is currently finishing Alpha testing.

TREE Industries is a St. Louis-based tech start-up doing work in the fields of AI, machine learning, games, AR/VR, and more.

Disc golf is a sport played on a course–not much unlike golf–but with the objective of throwing a disc into a basket with hanging chains in as few throws as possible. Many municipal parks, universities, and other accessible properties have free courses on which to play. Many popular YouTube channels and websites host disc golf content, and it can occasionally be seen on CBS, ESPN, and other networks. The sport has professional athletes, tournaments, and many other parallels to traditional golf.

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