Games Journalist Mat Bradley-Tschirgi Talks Surviving Freelance Work, Live Events, and More

Anyone working around video games should expect the unexpected. From book publisher estate planning issues to crypto startups, Mat Bradley-Tschirgi has just about seen it all.

Mat’s been a friend of the GameDev Breakdown podcast for years, and we get a totally different glimpse at the industry every time we hear from him. In his earlier appearances, he was writing at length about the video game film adaptations of notorious filmmaker Uwe Boll. Not too long after, he agreed to work on a video game project with Boll’s extended team. Since then, he’s immersed himself in off-beat mods, worked his way into the pages of Polygon as a freelancer, and traveled the world with a Web 3 start-up, and more.

In this week’s chat, Mat runs us through his recent industry experience, talks travel and tourism, and lets us in on the experience of transitioning from long-time conference and expo attendee to conference and expo presenter. We also chat about big upcoming games including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game collection and Return to Monkey Island among others.

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