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#GameDev Breakdown Podcast – Min-Maxing Your Audio Production with John Schiber

At last, more than a year after adding him to the show, I sit down with John Schiber to ask him some questions relevant to his expertise: being a life-long musician and internationally-signed recording artist. John’s experience producing music with his band, A Dark Orbit, and his personal studies of theory, engineering, and instrumental techniques have…

#GameDev Breakdown Podcast: Annual Holiday Game Design – Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! In this special holiday episode, we give thanks for tremendous opportunities we’ve had this year, and for so many kind words from the community. In keeping with tradition, we come up with holiday-themed design concepts and follow them as far as we dare down the rabbit hole. What begins as a good-natured creative…

#GameDev Breakdown Podcast – Religion, Metallica, and NBA Jam

Happy Thanksgiving week! In this episode, Todd shares the story about how two awesome arcade machines ended up in his basement and shares what he’s thankful for (in addition to these awesome machines).  There’s still time to hit us up with your 1-2 sentence Thanksgiving game design ideas. We’ll talk about our favorites on the…

#GameDev Breakdown Podcast – The Predator’s Code

John Schiber returns for Season 2! For once, we’re each playing a new release: John has jumped on his horse and has high praise for Red Dead Redemption 2, I’ve scratched my Call of Duty itch and downloaded Black Ops 4. For the first time in the history of the show, we’ve both played (and enjoyed) a battle…

To Those About to Jam: Part 1

Unconventional Advice for Your Game Dev Journey In this series, I will pass on odd lessons from over a decade in development that I’m fairly certain you won’t hear anywhere else.  Side Note: We do a game dev podcast that might be perfect for your jam weekend. Part 1: Don’t Get Weird with the Food…

#GameDev Breakdown Podcast – Who Is Video James?

We’re back for the last recording from this God-forsaken apartment. …

#GameDev Breakdown Podcast – Reach Out and Sue Someone

Since we left off, my house was on HGTV for whatever reason, I moved the site to a shiny new server, and I never ended up telling John I was going to go ahead and record this episode without him. Sorry John….

#GameDev Breakdown Podcast – Checking In on Triple A with John Schiber

John Schiber returns and we talk about the highs and lows of the latest round of triple-A games. We also check in on our ongoing Unity game project and share a few more stories from GDC….

#GameDev Breakdown Podcast – Wrapping Up GDC with Microsoft Gaming Cloud GM, Kevin Gammill

Kevin Gammill of Microsoft Cloud Gaming Services joins us to close out GDC 2018. We discuss his contributions to the successful launch of the Xbox One X, the state and future of game development using cloud technology, and what game devs stand to gain from embracing cloud-based tech….

#GameDev Breakdown Podcast – Halfpology

Reunited at last, Todd spills the beans on a huge freelance project, an awkward problem emerges ahead of GDC, and John formally apologizes for his previous PUBG commentary over Chopin’s Prelude in E Minor….